New chapel

The last phase of construction work on our house on Via Aurelia Antica includes primarily the renovation of the chapel, which will come to completion in the next few months. You can support this last phase of work on the chapel in the following ways:

Contribution for the tabernacle

Contribution for the pews

2 reliquaries

House of Formation

Book: Mariologia (Mariology Dictionary), De Fiores – Perrella – Schiefer (eds.), San Paolo, Milano 2009.

Book: De Vaux, R., Istituzioni dell’Antico Testamento (Old Testament Institutions), Casale Monferrato 1977.

Book: Galbiati, E.R. – Aletti, A., Atlante storico della Bibbia e dell’antico oriente. Dalla preistoria alla caduta di Gerusalemme nell’anno 70 d.C., (Historical Atlas of the Bible and the Ancient Middle East. From Prehistoric Times to the Fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 A.D.) Milano 1983.

Book: U. Dell’Orto – S. Xeres, Manuale di storia della Chiesa, vol. 4: L’epoca contemporanea. Dalla Rivoluzione francese al Vaticano II e alla sua applicazione, (Church History Textbook, Volume 4: The Contemporary Era. From the French Revolution to Vatican II and Its Application) Morcelliana, Brescia 2017.

Contribution towards binding for library conservation the last 10 years of Traces, the CL movement’s magazine (total cost about €300/$350)

30 bookends for the library, preferably black

Large clay pots for the garden

Contribution for pruning tall pine trees

Guest House

5 single size mattress covers

2 queen size mattress covers

1 queen-size bedspread

House in Grenoble, France

Contribution to complete the flooring on the first floor of our convent, which we use for meeting with local youth.

It is not not necessary to cover the total cost of an item on this list. It’s enough to indicate on the causal line of the transfer what you would like your donation to go towards (for example: “€50 contribution for the purchase of pews”).

Thank you so much!

You can make a donation using any of the following methods:

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo, Inc Account number: 1113437238. Routing number: 102000076 (paper & electronic) 121000248 (wires).

Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo 590 W. 3rd Ave Dr., Broomfield CO80020 Please put a little card in the envelope specifying: “friend of (name of sister).